emPOWERed. to create change

Flicking mindlessly through the news a headline caught my attention. Hoping that the case had been mis-represented by the tabloids I searched for more information. After I’d finished reading, sitting in stunned silence, I knew that I had to do something to bring about change.

If you also read the case where the judge sided with a man who was certain that he would rather die than live with a stoma, what was your reaction?

I don’t feel angry with the judge, or cross with the man’s family for arguing in favour of their son’s death. Nor do I criticise the man himself for the decision that he made, for we should all have the freedom to make our own choices. My anger and sadness lie with a society that fosters negativity towards stomas and bowel disease to the extent that a young man’s desire to live has been eroded beyond repair.

If society was more informed and accepting of stomas and bowel disease would this man’s thoughts have been different, and would the experience of the 600,000 people in the UK living with bowel conditions or a stoma be improved?

There is no doubt in my mind that the answer to these questions is yes.

emPOWERed. is on a mission to bring knowledge and understanding of bowel conditions into the mainstream.

By Making the invisible Visible the emPOWERed. clothing range gives these conditions an obvious physical presence; raising awareness through positive association. Our vision is for everyone, regardless of whether they have bowel disease or not, to wear our clothing; starting conversations, answering questions, and shining a positive light on bowel conditions.

For most people, bowel disease is not a defining feature of their personality, and is not something that they talk about. Like our lungs and heart, for many people a stoma is another vital part of their anatomy. We all have differences, whether that be through genetic variation, disease processes or treatments. Having bowel disease or a stoma should not be viewed any differently to having any other medical condition.

emPOWERed. does not want to single out those who live with bowel conditions or stomas, but instead to educate those who have not had experience of these conditions, so that, like asthma or heart disease, they are viewed as a norm within society, and not something that is in anyway embarrassing or taboo.

By wearing your emPOWERed. clothing you are Making the invisible Visible, and together we will create change.

All of the profits made from clothing sales fund vital research into bowel disease and support for patients.

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